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Market leaders in mobile truck washing and valeting we specialise in the food and transport industry. We are proud to present Purifi-Air the latest division of Fleetwash which is committed to bring 30 years of expertise in food hygiene to you.

We have an exciting range of products which will help to control the spread of bacteria and virus across your company both airborne and on surfaces. Our Silent air and Multi-flex ranges have seen a drop of 45% in company absences among office staff within a year of using these units.

Some of these units have been rolled out in ambulances in the UK to help prevent the spread of bacteria among the most vulnerable in society. Please take your time looking through our brochure and don’t hesitate to contact the office for any questions or queries you may have. 

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Eliminate Offensive Odours & Control Infections

Purifi-Air product range specialises in air purification for controlling odours and infections in enclosed spaces, we have a wide range of products in various sizes and strengths to ensure that we have the right air purification system to suit your needs. Our technology works to treat the root cause of an odour by destroying bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi to ensure the air and all exposed surfaces have been sanitised. Air does not need to pass through the unit to be purified which eliminates the need for masking agents, thus reducing chemical usage. Our units show customers that you practise a high level of hygiene and make it feel like a can of fresh air is being released throughout the room they are in.

Custom Vehicle Range

Working vehicles have to cope with a lot, the same vehicle may be used for a variety of loads creating problems with cross contamination. Maintain an odour free, clean and infection controlled environment.

Air Silent Range

This completely silent unit uses unique thermal UV to eliminate unpleasant odours and control harmful bacteria and viruses both in the air and on all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Mega Thermal Range

Utilising a hermetically sealed and insulated purification chamber, the Mega Thermal processes contaminated air ensuring optimum dwell time without the need of a fan making it the perfect unit for some of the harshest environments.

Mobile Decontamination Unit

Put your facilities back into action smelling fresh and clean!

Traditional cleaning methods and masking agents are not enough after cleaning, once a facility is re-used, harmful microorganisms return and grow at a rapid rate, odours prevail and the health risks increase.

Supporting Businesses with longterm health solutions

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