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Five Star Valeting est. 1998

Mob: 0876295823  Office: 045894237


We offer a range of specialised services with quality and experience at its core.

We strive to offer industry leading standards for quality and Service.


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‘Text and Collect’ Service 

We offer a collection service for your car or van from your home or place of work. Once it has been professionally valeted by out team of experts at our depot on the Monread Road, Naas, It will be returned by a fully insured Valeter. This service is free for all valets booked within a 3km radius of the Monread Road. A standard charge of €10 will apply if further. This covers all surrounding areas to Naas, Tallaght, Clondalkin and Blessington.

‘ Complete Mobile Service’ 

We will come to you! We offer full mobile valeting packages for Cars, Vans, Trucks and Tractors. Check out our packages below:


OPTI-Coat Certified OPTI-Coat

Specialised Buffing and Paint Restoration

12 Month Hydro Wax

This 12 month sealant wax has a sufficient ability to protect the car surface from rain, dirt and other unwanted residue. Its thick hard coating repels water strongly, as water smoothly runs down and off the car surface. The effects will last up to 12 months and keep the car in a good condition for a long period of time.

Ceramic Coating

Offering up to 3-5 years of durability, Ceramic Coating promises to be the best performing paint sealant on the market!

Ceramic Coating adds gloss, surface slickness, swirl mark resistance, and helps avoid contaminants and promote long term dirt repellence, It is at the very pinnacle in paint protection. This sealant is ideally positioned for those who clock up heavy mileage, but who want to retain a perfect shine in between a normal car wash routine.

From €400, quote available on inspection.

Glass Sealant (Last up to 24 months):

The coating offers extreme hydrophobic function to your cars surface, protecting your paintwork from even the harshest weather, lasting for over 18 months. Offering both supreme water and dirt repellence, the sealant creates a barrier resistant to washing chemicals and heavy road grime. Further cleaning or detailing of your vehicle becomes a simple task, making marks including water spots easy to remove and creates the same great gloss, slickness and beading as its predecessor.

Recommend for new vehicles to help keep factory shine and durability. Second hand vehicles it will restore shine and help prevent dirt build up.

Price available upon request

Restoration of Exterior Plastics:

This Coating will restore faded car plastics back to factory condition while offering durability over a 12 month period.

Price available upon request

Headlight Restoration:

We recommend this for cars with faded, yellowing and dull headlights. When older headlights become faded it dramatically reduces the quality of light coming from the bulb. This can be dangerous in dark, foggy or wintery driving conditions.  We restore the headlight using a very fine sandpaper and sealant. This will removal the foggy build up on your headlight. The sealant will add its original shine while adding a layer of protection from dirt and grim build up. This service is ideal for selling or restoring your current car.

€50.00 per headlight


Buffing is a brilliant way to bring a car back to its former glory, it can enhance and correct faded paint work while protecting and sealing the paintwork. We can also remove swirl marks and scratches.

From €40.00 per hour


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Exterior Detail – 2 bucket wash, Car dried, Alloys cleaned, Tar removed, Hydrophobic sealant applied, Tyre’s dressed, Exterior glass cleaned. Interior Detail, Thoroughly vacuumed, All fabric is cleaned & stains removed (Leather cleaned & conditioned), All plastic trim cleaned & dressed, Door jam cleaned, Interior windows cleaned Free air freshener included Prices Small car €90-100 *Medium car €100-120 *Large car/jeep €130-150 Heavily soiled vehicles may be extra (dog hairs / smoke)
2 bucket wash, Alloys cleaned, Tar removed /including alloys, Fallout removal, Clayed, Panel wiped, 12 month Fusso Wax applied, H2GO glass sealant applied. Prices Small car €70 Medium car €90 Large car/jeep €110 Time: 1.5 – 3 hours
RExterior Detail – 2 bucket wash, Alloys cleaned, Car dried, Tyres dressed, Exterior glass cleaned Interior Detail – Vacuumed, Plastics cleaned & dressed, Interior glass cleaned Prices: Small car €65 Medium car €75 Large car/jeep €90 Time 1.5 – 3 hours Extra: Aromatek deodorising 2 hour €55