‘We are environmentally responsible’

Fleetwash Environmental Limited prides itself on being environmentally responsible to our planet.

As company that heavily relies on water for the majority of our services, we are extremely cautious of such a precious resource.
Our products are 100% environmentally friendly. We provide MSDS sheets to all of our customers.

We constantly listen to the ever changing needs our customers and adapt and custom build a service around this ethos.
This has enabled us to offer the best possible service using new technologies.

Innovation within the Industry

This system enables us to collect and filter all chemicals from the water we use. This means that no dirty water or chemicals are passed through drains unfiltered. This system was designed by Paul, the managing director of the company where he came up with the concept and designed it. From the original concept the design has been shaped and altered to become more user friendly.

Standard’s used today

We provide certification of all products that will be used on site. These products are legally compliant and environmental friendly.
We provide on site water if access is not possible at your site.
Where water access is possible we hold permits that enable us to access hydrants.